Throughput IT focuses on designing and developing intelligent web based applications for clients and has a wealth of experience in the development of internet/intranet based systems.

Our experience includes:

  • Web applications based on database systems (on your server or hosted on ours)
  • Websites
  • Mobile applications (Windows Mobile, iOS, Android)

One of the challenges for a small to medium size business in the modern era is making the best choices in regards to IT infrastructure (such as servers, network configuration, workstations, cloud integration etc).

Throughput IT can help your business by providing educated and informed advice on what will best serve your business. We can help with implementation and with sourcing of components as well.

If your business doesn’t have its own IT department, we can provide those same services for you in a cost effective manner.

Throughput IT provides a range of support services for our clients, each package tailored for the individual client.

These support services can include;

  • Desktop support (PC issues, application support)
  • Systems support (Network and internet connection issues)
  • Server management and maintenance (including security patches and backup check/testing)


About Us

Throughput IT is a small customer focussed IT consultancy business based in Melbourne.

Established in early 2000 Throughput IT is still managed and staffed by the original owners of the business, making your business succeed is what makes our own business succeed.

Throughput IT offers services in three broad categories: Consultancy, Application Development, and Support.

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